Bullock Plumbing Solutions provides professional services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Hot Water Trouble

We can repair or install a replacement hot water service. Why not upgrade to an instantaneous unit and enjoy endless hot water.

Water Leaks

When you have a water leak it can cost you money and cause damage to your property. Get it fixed. We can also fix leaking taps/mixers.

Blocked Drains

No one wants a blocked drain but when it does happen we can get it flowing again. We will find the cause and recommend the best solution.

Home Renovation

Pipe Relocation

Need to move some pipework to accommodate your new bathroom or kitchen fixture. We can help.


When the demolition has been done its time to do the roughin for your beautiful new bathroom/kitchen. This means all the pipework in the walls and floors before the titles go on. Call us now for a free quote.

Fit Off

Then its time to install all those new fixtures to put the finishing touches to that new room. Even if someone left the job unfinished we will get the job done.